Friday, November 19, 2004

A Longing for Travel

I began as a travel writer. My book Four Corners-A Literary Excursion Across America use to be a top 5 percent of the web book in the early days of the web. It was written during a time when I was leading religious conferences in the United States, Hawaii, and Canada.

Then I started The Web Surfer Travel Journal, another of my continuing exploits. My main site, Dan's Place, lists all of these adventerous moments in my life.

Two years ago we went to Greece, Turkey, and Austria. Though I made hundreds of pictures I have never put them on the web. That is the tragedy of it all. Somehow my interest has waned. The travel stories have lingered in a deep recess of my being and I often dream of Athens, of Ephesus, and of Patmos, but the stories don't come. Or, I don't take the time.

But, like I say, from time to time the memories linger. So, if you want a thrill why not check out Four Corners or the Web Surfer Travel Journal?


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