Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Cell

"The cell is the most holy place on earth."anonymous

I bring my bible to the hospital room and read slowly. May God be gracious to us and bless us. Perhaps a meager beginning. At least it is a start.

Several days ago Janet said, "this being in the hospital is like living in a nursing home like your Mom did." It got me to thinking. Is this what our life eventually comes down to, an 8 by 10 room shared with another? Is this the way it will end?

The Cell

The cell if it is to be a holy place is known by its meagerness, its lack of tangible things. There is little room for anything but necessities. For me: a bible, a USA Today, the Lawrence Durrell Travel Reader and my Sidekick to write and blog on. If this were permanent? I would hopefully have a pretty good radio? like a Sony 2010 shortwave to listen to amateur radio stations on.

A cell is serious business, perhaps a place to pray, to remember friends and trials and a place to listen for "the still small voice."

There is little diversion here, a walk down the hall if one feels like it, a look out the window, an unappetizing tray of food that sits near during the day, and perhaps a snack at night or a tv show. That is pretty much it, except for the
prayers or a few friends who eventually pass.

I am not being negative in this appraisal but realistic. Life does end with a whimper, a breath that weakens, an unduring silence, and hopefullyfor those of us who believe an eternal home with peace.



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