Thursday, December 16, 2004


I came across your blog while researching on the net for a documentary I am working on. I'm a photographer, and working on a project about hermits, people living an eremitic life and recluse by choice. I know it's a long shot... but was wondering if you would know of hermits in your area, or anywhere in the U.S., who may be willing to be included in my project. Which means answer a few very simple questions, and be photographed in their daily activities. I did put a notice in Raven's Bread (excellent newsletter for hermits), and got several positive answers. But still need more.

My project is about eremitic life as an answer, not as an escape, and maybe a possible source of inspiration. So far I found people living in the desert, in rural area, in the middle of big cities,... so the image of being an hermit in the 21st century is quite different of the received image of someone living in a desolated place. And many of them have contacts with the society.

Best regards.

(Editoral note:) His main website is at Novopix and he has some interesting photographs on the web. One, titled "Where Fit Transforms Fat," shows numerous fat ladies exercising and another on Vanishing railroads.

P.S. - Luc: Sorry I am no help on hermits.


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