Friday, May 13, 2005

From My Friends Joy and Rick in Rome

(Joy and Rick are in Rome. We have been friends for many, many years. Here are some details of their journey received today.)

Hello, we are here in Rome without the use of our phone, trying to figure out how to get phone service. We have been wandering the streets of Rome and taking buses everywhere looking in shops and mingling with the locals, at least thoses that will let us mingle with them.

Actually, the romans are very nice and helpful and Rick mixes his spanish and italian to communicate. The taxi driver and Rick had a spanish-italian conversation. The buses are confusing but boy are we seeing a lot! The weather is fantastic and we have been eating outside and people watching.

Using an italian computer is interesting... Dana, you are in fashion, all the young italians dress just like you. All the men carry purses so Im letting Rick carry my purse. We are matching in our green shirts and jeans today, ha! We are off and running to tour St Peters and the Vatican.
Joy and Rick


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