Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Mrs. J.O. Williams -The Divine Ring

Mrs. J.O. Williams -The Divine Ring

Many times when I go to Woodlawn Cemetary in Nashville I make a pilgrimage to the grave of Mrs. J.O. Willams. She was one of the greatest Christians I have ever known.

I stayed with her for 3 months when she was 86 years old. For 3 months her goal was to make me a better Christian by teaching me Baptist History ever night when I rerturned from work at the Baptist Sunday School Board

Her prayer time was midnight every night. She would awaken then. "Call me at midnight with your prayer requests," she would say.

She was energetic. Loved Psalm 139. Kept an immaculate garden. Perhaps she gossiped too much, but she loved Jesus, people, and me.

I was with her the night before she died. She lacked 18 days being a hundred. "Why would anyone want to be a 100 years old," she had said. How she blessed my life. How I wish I could be like that.


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