Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fw: Hello from Belvin

Note: The Reverend Belvin and I use to travel together. He told me about
Mrs. Crabtree, a one legged genius at the Teddy Roosevelt Museum in Las
Vegas, New Mexico. I put the story on the well and forgot the URL.

Dan and Janet,

Thank you so very much for including us in your daily journal from
London. We were so excited when we saw it this morning. It is so
exciting that you have this opportunity.

We think of you folks often just don't do anything about it. Recently
our oldest grandson, Taylor, was doing a report on his family tree and
speciailizing on his "Pop" (Belvin). We referred him to your journals on
the internet and he was overwhelmed at your writings. He got all caught
up in them and used the info about Pop in his report. We were with him
last night and he was telling us about reading your info and how much it
meant to him. Thanks for helping him to see the importance of writing
down what is going on his life.

When you all return let's try to get together more often. We always
enjoy your company and have such fun visiting with you both.

Bel is still at the Nashville Rescue Mission every day. He loves his
work. He will be 70 in June - getting to be an old man. LOL

We will look forward to your daily London info.

Love to you both,

Belvin and Barbara


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