Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wayne Dehoney Dies at 89.

Rev. Wayne Dehoney was my pastor when I was in seminary. He was always
an inspiration to me with his particular interest in seminary students.
On Sunday night he would teach us how to preach. For years I kept
notecards with illustrations on them. I will always remember his Back To
Bethel Sermon and the Christmas Story of the soldier returning home and
seeing white flags over the large tree in his yard to let him know that
his family loved him.

Dr. Dehoney participated in my ordination service and sent me a new
Bible as a reminder. He blessed my life. Only 4 weeks ago I returned to
Walnut Street Baptist church for the first time since I graduated. A lot
of good memories and a reminder of people who helped me along the way.
Blessing on thee my brother in Christ and thanks.



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