Sunday, April 13, 2008

Barack Obama or Hillary: Out of Touch?

In an area of Tennessee where my families live, it is a tough time. My
brother-in-law's company moved to Mexico in the last year. He is
unemployed with no job in prospect. I have a niece unemployed who lost
her job because of an on the job injury. The list is lengthy of family
members whose companies left the country. Jobs are slim and

I guess I am crazy but Barack Obama's quotes made sense to me. I know
what it is like to lose one's lively hood and the hopelessness it
causes. Yes, one prays more. Yes, even tears come.

But Hillary says, "that has not been my experience." I'm glad for you
Hillary. I imagine it is difficult living on $109 million dollars. But
it seems to me, that if you were without a job and money for about 2
years you might gain enough humility to get in touch with hard working
unemployed workers, then maybe you would be worth voting for. Who is out
of touch?


At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SUFFERING RIGHT HERE.................So often we have been rightly moved by the plight of the poor 'somewhere over there.' We have sent help to many areas of the globe. But it is now fitting to think also of the situation right in our health insurance for so jobs...or two jobs that pay so poorly that people working them have to ask for food bank help. God forgive us if we forget the poor who are right at out doorstep. "I was hungry and you gave Me to eat." Don Brennan Warren MI

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

COMPASSION..............How much like the gentle Christ is the loving compassion shown to the jobless and the hungry and all those with various needs who come for help. In our area, a pastor and his wife, also a pastor, run a place called 'Lighthouse.' It is a place a refuge...of prayer...of referrals...of healing blessings..of food and donated clothing. One little three year old was taken to the pastor's doctor for much needed minor no cost to the poor family. Much of the carpentry in the center was done by the pastor save money to feed the poor. What an example! db


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