Friday, July 10, 2009

A Day of Thanksgiving

I went to the chapel first this morning and said a prayer of Thanksgiving, my daughter got a job offer yesterday after being without a job for almost 7 months. Yes, there are times to celebrate. Thank you Lord.

Notes from a hospital waiting area:

I look at the lingering faces of those waiting here. This is part of my prayer walking time. Some people have walkers with them. Usually a friend is near. There is soft music in the background.

There are stops along the way. Dave's coffee shop, the information desk, instructions for entrance.

The room is cold as usual. People waiting ask for a blanket. A mindless tv talks quietly in the background. A man sleeps restless in front of it. A woman worridly tinkers with her compiter with her hands under her chin.

Strangers pass, usually in couples, carrying bags with worried smiles. Some read their Bibles. A woman covered with a blanket naps in her uncomfortale chair.

Prayers are appropriate. Arms are folded. Voices stutter. Phones ring. Often last minute notes before surgery.

The woman's nap is over. She looks vaguely into the distance.

It is a quiet room on a Friday morning. People wait and are waiting and WAITING!


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