Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I am getting way behind the thanksgiving blog which I have done for several years. This all started with Furman Bisher, Atlanta Sports writer, tons of years ago. He is 91, just retired, and continues his thanksgiving quest. Here is my belated attempt:

I am Thankful for:

Janet, Melinda, Mike, Jack, Ronald, and our entire family, especially Janet...can not believe we have been married for 42 years.

For access to a computer. My Droid does not work out here in the country so am borrowing this one from my niece.

For Cuddles and Aiden.

For communication tools that amaze and frustrate me.

For the Droid.

For the trip we made to Israel. It was certainly meaningful and one we will never forget.

For Jack and Marilyn Austin who went with us.

For Ransom and our weekly ham chat.

For the beautiful fall season we have had.

For friends...many who touch my life, Bob, PG, GM, TW, B and S and Cleve and the ss class, bruce and c., bg, f and d, da, and all those I have forgotten ! I have been blessed with friends, even some I have gotten in touch with on facebook this year.

For walks in the rain

For football season to begin and when baseball is over---use to be the other way around but do not think baseball should be allowed in November.

For politicians who keep their mouths shut -- impossible you say.

For people who put up with me.

For the Bible and its source of guidance for me.

For Thursdays because the garbage is taken out on Wednesday.

For ham radio.

For Broadcast band dx buddies.

For ultralite radios.

For satellite tv and the history channel.

That I do not have to get up at 6 am on black Friday.

For a job.

Thanks for all the blessings I have received through the years. Counting the blessings is so meaningful especially going down the upper side of life.

For where I grew up, where I have been, and parents who guided and loved us.



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