Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spam Hit Again

The ultimate span hit me last night. Over 40 hits to my blog making it impossible to use. I have done research and hope to have found a way for it not to happen. We will see.

There are still some snow flurries around this morning. It was 22 degrees.

I have gotten a new Pilot 78G pen from HISNIBS. I am enjoying it. It replaces the Waterman that I lost a couple of months ago. I am always losing pens. Does anyone else have a problem losing pens?

Some questions I have asked recently?

How does illness change your perspective on life?

When you are on a long journey how does your life change?

What would happen if we cut all senators/congressman's pay in HALF?

Thought for the day:

"A pilgrim is someone who takes risks; is prepared to suffer. To visit places that have inspired man from the earliest times is to receive a little of the energy that has accumulated there-------and possibly add to it." (Joyce Rupp)


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