Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tuesday January 4, 2011

Facing a new year always seems strange. People ask, "How is retirement?" Certainly it is a good question but one I am not sure of yet. Definitely it is different. I can sleep later, do the chores (empty
dish washer, fold clothes, vacuum, make bed, take dog out to potty, check the trash). As sports editor Furman Bisher once said, "Old men's most important job is taking out the trash." Certainly it is a worthy thought.

I am just now getting around to important THOUGHTS. What excursions of the mind continue to surface? Health, a format for daily living, how am I going to plan each day, and how am I going to change?

I have begun to realize, after a month of retirement, that thoughts have begun to clarify more. All the "doings" of Christmas take up tons of time and leave one exhausted. December is not a month to gentily go into that Dark Night because it is to busy.

I am realizing that I was suffering from burnout for the last year and just did not deal with it as well as I should. I was worn out physically and mentally, not to far-fetched as far as people in the health profession know all to well. I have enjoyed not having a beeper ring at midnight, or certain emergencies that creep up. I am beginning to relax some. Am learning a little how to define a new day. I am even beginning to change some of my web pages and thinking of doing another book.

All new things move slowly. How is retirement? I am moving slowly.



At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great summation. One thing I learned about burn out is while we are in the midst of it, we may or may not realize the effect until it is in the past. Glad you had 10 years at CMC and it is in the past. : ) And glad you are adjusting to retirement. I would think that after running full steam for a while one would be ready to 'move slow'.
Have a great day, SR


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