Monday, September 05, 2011

Re: Monday in Florida

The sun just came out. It has been a boisterous weekend. Threads of tropical storm Lee, high winds gusting to 45 MPH, a chair flying reluctantly off of our balcony. Like any vacation there are surprises, the weather not the least of these. I have spent most of the one reading and eating.
The Desert Fathers lead the way, followed by The Hidden Reality, and Bob Edwards new book, and the supreme beach memoir, A Gift from the Sea.
We ate last night at Fisherman's Corner in Perdido Key. The food fantastic, the service slow. Tonight plans are to go to Niki's nearby in Orange Beach.

We have spent most of time watching the weather channel. The storms have allowed plenty of time for naps, twittering, counting dreams, and relaxing. Not a bad day.


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