Friday, May 06, 2005

Blognashville - The Truth About Glenn Reynolds

The thing that surprised me most about the Blogging convention was the number of cameras exploding at every moment. It was like Babe Ruth had returned for one more standing ovation. Every blogger has a camera. I wanted to take a survey to see which was the most popular camera. My eyes are full of blind spots.

The Truth About Glenn Reynolds

And the truth is I know nothing but Glenn Reynolds and his
Instapundit are given credit for starting the blogging revolution. Everyone speaks of him in soft tones, punctuated by whispers of envy.

In person he is younger than I expected, has a fluent style and presentation, a wicked sense of humor ("the number 1 blog is run by some type of Chinese Sex Slave"--or something similar) he says. He does have a clear understanding of the blogging media. His observation that if a person concentrated only on the local school board, interviewed everyone related to it, and did proper research, he would have great credibility in the local community is certainly credible.

The whole evening was interesting. One came to the conclusion that some of the local media were clueless, the bloggers somewhat jagged, and everyone had an opinion --perhaps a trait of the bloggers. But since this is a blog concentrating on Monasticism and Thomas Merton I was reminded of a story Merton once told of some of the monks trying to help the cows give more milk. They devised a scheme of changing the music while the cows worked. Most of the time there was religious music, supposedly to get the cows to meditate properly. Little modern music was used, although some was tried. The result was inconclusive: it didn't matter what the music was, the cows gave the same kind of milk. That sorta reminds me of what this evening was really like. Think about that.



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