Saturday, September 11, 2004

Anniversary Celebration and Legendary Golf

We celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary at Eugene's Waterfront
Restaurant. It was a delicious evening, with prime rib and mahi mahi
being the specialties. It has been cloudy all day so we missed the
promised "spectacular sunset," but we had a good time with memories
going back many decades. "37. Doesn't seem possible," we keep saying to
each other. But it has been remarkable, especially since seeing her for
the first time on the backdoor steps of the Baptist Student Union at
Tennessee Tech. Amen!!!

Legendary Golf

To celebrate more, we played Legendary
. "We played golf today," I told Melinda-my soon to be wed
daughter. "Really, you have never played before," she adds. "Oh it was
minature," I respond.

It was a most unusual course. Costly:$7.50 a
person. And religious. Each hole had a bible verse or famous
quote. Hole number one was, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot
keep to gain what he cannot lose."
No name was attached. The ticket
taker did not know who said it. "It was Jim Elliot, a missionary who was
killed by those he was serving," I said. "Well, I will have to remember
that," she said.

Other Quotes

Unless we have in us he who is
above us, we will soon be consumed by that which is around us.

kind words and you will hear kind echoes.

it was a fun evening. We
were pitiful golfers but we laughed a lot. Thanks be to God for 37
years. Selah.


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