Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Emergent Prayer Chapel

Emergent Prayer Chapel

My favorite place is the emergent prayer room. I found myself going from station to station and praying according to the guidance given. Here are a few of the

1. Draw or sculpt a your prayer thru symbols and images. Sissors, crayons, and pieces of paper were provided.

2. Drink water out of a glass. Receive Jesus as a gift ..."Sir give me this water" was the theme. A lite candle was.near.

3. What does God want to teach you with this mustard seed? 1000s of
mustard seeds were available.

4. "Consider the lilies." Mt. 6:28 -A beautiful bouquet of Lilies were on a table.

5. Give you rest....pillows were near to lean.on.

6. Praying with images. Numerous pictures were on the wall. ..."Gaze, choose one you are drawn to and spend time with it in prayer.

7. Poustinia was my favorite."Desert." Come in, close the door, just you and God.....In the small room was a icon, a lighted candle, and Peterson's the Message Bible. This is a beautiful and meaningful place.


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