Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bell Buckle, TN

Bell Buckle, TN
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Many people ask how Bell Buckle got its name. Many folks believe Bell

Buckle got its name from a bell tied with a buckle around a tree. It

seems a cow belonging to a settler wandered too close to an Indian, who

killed it, and then apparently took the cow's bell, fixing it with a

buckle to a tree as a warning to the settler's to keep their cows home.

Now Bell Buckle is famous for the Webb School and the annual RC Cola and

Moon Pie festival. Some of the highlights were a parade, the southern

country cloggers, comedian Phil Campbell, and the crowning of the RC

Moon Pie King and Queen.

What do you do in your state that compares to this?


At 7:38 PM, Blogger Anthony Palevo said...

Hey Dan, I was in Bell Buckle last Satuday 6-18-05. I ran the 10 mile race. Yes Bell Buckle is great place.

Anthony Palevo


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