Friday, June 10, 2005

Raymond Desutter

Raymond Desutter
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I chatted over breakfast with Raymond Desutter. He was a novice under Merton in 1957. He left the Abbey in 1963 to return to a family farm in Illinois following the death of a family member.

In remembering Merton he spoke of Father Louis "tremendous capacity of humor." Not a practical joker but one who used his word knowledge was Merton's favorite ways of humour.

He also shared a poignant moment when during Holy Week of 1968 he took his 18 month old son to the hermitage and spent the afternoon with Merton. Of course, Merton died the same year, a tremendous shock to him.

This was Raymond's first Merton meeting. He also spoke of the influence of Daniel Walsh on his life. He was an honored guest at Walsh's ordination, appreciated the sincerity and compassion of Walsh to his students, even those less intellectually endowed. He also said that Walsh was the godfather of one of Robert Kennedy's children.


At 7:35 PM, Anonymous A said...

I just want to tell you that I am really enjoying this blogging tour of the Merton Conference. It makes me wish I was there with you. Hmmm, well maybe one of these years.... Some great stories here of the impact of a single life.... Makes one think....

Blessing upon you for sharing this with us, and keep it coming. Thanks.


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