Thursday, June 09, 2005

Opening Convocation

The work that Pat and Dottie Hurlburt have put in this conference is
astonishing. This afternoon interfaith prayer service has featured
Father John Eudes Bamberger, Bro. Paul Quenon, and James Finley- a
former novice under Merton.

Fr. John described his knowing Merton as a brother to brother
relationship and that Father Louis was a prophetic voice speaking for
God. He was a man in tune with his time. Quoting Merton "war as a crisis
of man's spirit," he speaks of peace.

"Father Louis was a man enthusiastic for prayer, accessible, one who
cared for rhe good of the community, a man with acute insight, and a man
aware of his gifts," said Bamberger.

Bro. Paul Quenon gave a poignant story about Merton always being aware
of someone who was being mistreated and his standing up for him.
Merton's poem ELERGY FOR A TRAPPIST tells the story.

The session concluded with Erlinda G. Paguio's Presidental Address.


At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bro Dan,
I am both a native of San Diego, and a fan of Merton. I'll be reading along here. post many pictures please.


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