Thursday, June 09, 2005

Steve Georgiou-The Way of the Dreamcatcher

I have been corresponding with Steve for several years. I even started a

Robert Lax website

because of him. I was so excited reading his Lax book that I went to the

island of Patmos and had my picture made in front of the Arion


Steve began by reading Robert Lax's poem PSALM. In case you don't know

Robert Lax was Thomas Merton's best friend. They met at Columbia

University in the 1930s. Lax was also a mentor for Jack Kerouac. Lax was

an editor for The New Yorker and later a circus performer, a jugler and

clown, for many years. His most famous poem was Circus of the Sun.

Steve shared some of Lax's words to him. "Put yourself in a place where

grace can flow. Go with the flow. Let go. Relax. Trust in the


Lax learned to "live in the present moment at all times." Included in

the lecture were slides of Patmos. Pictures of Saint John of the

Theologian monastery, the Arion Cafe, images of Lax with his cats, and

many sea side pictures.

The highlight of the lecture was Lax reading his own poetry. Steve had

recorded some of his poems them set them to pictures of the island he.


I am always amazed at the throughness of the scholars at these events.

Studious, insightful, serious, with a through knowlege of the lecture

being given. GREAT LECTURE. Buy the book !!


At 10:53 PM, Blogger Paul Fromont said...

WOW. I read an interview with Steve Georgiou in relation to his book; I blogged some stuff from it on my old site.I ordered it from when I heard it had been published, but they weren't able to locate a copy. I was so disappointed, BUT today you've reminded me to look again and ensure I get a copy. Thanks.


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