Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sr. Jose Hobday

Sr. Jose Hobday
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I don't think I was anyway prepared for 76 year old Sister Jose. What a ball of dynamite. She every year since she was 13 year old she has written a valentine to the Pope. Of all those Popes only one ever responded. "Sister Jose thanks for your valentine." (Pope John 23) Quotes:

"Whenever you talk to new people always tell them what is the matter with you."

Sit with our question. Let that direct our way.

Pray for those who hurt you. You have to be a fool for Christ

Prophets are always running interference for the little people.

If the Catholic Church needs anything it is female leadership. Could it be that the Holy Spirit could work through a participatory democracy in the Catholic Church,

For Confession: Father forgive me, I have committed a mortal sin, I have failed in imagination.

What is your inner work? BE STILL. What are you passionate about? I pray God puts a burr in your saddle.

What a wonderful exciting talk.


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