Saturday, June 11, 2005

Thoughts in the Morning

Father John Eudes Bamberger said yesterday that today he first met
Thomas Merton 55 years ago.

"I have always thought Merton's best writings were his early ones."

"Violence doesn't work. War is terrorism. War can not deepen us in the
spiritual life." (John Dear)

My whole life has been a lie, a difficult ascent, a painful unlayering
of falsehood. (Anonymous speaker)

When Merton was accussed of not speaking of Christ enough, he said, "Let
the Christ come alive in us so others will see what Jesus is about."
(From Patrick Collins - Note: Merton died an hour later)

"Our real journey is interior. We need to surrender. Let something
happen in us. Make ourselves available." (Patrick Collins)

Contemplation: you get there by standing still. A door opens in our
being. (Collins)

"Out of our night God makes a day." (Collins)

From Father Matthew on becoming a contemplative. "Well, you cut down on
the input. It is a gift. We do not choose to awaken ourselves, ours is a
response to a call who has no voice. (From Collins)

From thoughts before breakfast.


At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In an earlier post, one spoke of the influence that one life can have on others. I feel we often times don't realize that we all are teachers. Your influence on others is great, not only in our family but the flock of those who hear your words every day in your work, your blog and the way you live your life. Let's hope that more politicians in our lifetime with study Merton rather than Limbaugh.

Brother Ron


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