Friday, July 22, 2005

Thanks for the Prayers-Facing Hopelessness

Thanks to each of you who have prayed for me this week. It has been so helpful in ways unimaginable. Thanks.

Here is a sermon I preached this week titled: FACING HOPELESSNESS

Text 2 Chronicles 20

1. Situation – hopeless.- vs.12—We have no power. We do not know what to do.
2. Help from unexpected sources - vs.14, see also Romans 8:26f
3. Do not be discouraged. The battle is not yours but Gods…vs 15
4. Preparation for battle…vs 21 they sing a song….front line of battle plan is is praise to God.
5. Unexpected results vs 23 –enemy killed each other

So Keep Depending on God. The battle is HIS !!


At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Auntie Em said...

As always, I have discovered that sincere prayer for God's will in someone else's life becomes a gift for me too, Dan.

I prayed for you and received a gift of God's peace from a friend in a time of roller coaster emotions in my life.

I hope that you have received a measure of that same peace this week and that there is more to come.


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