Sunday, September 18, 2005

Jack Kerouac

(Note: This morning I received an email from Marc Thorman, a music composer teaching at City University of New York. His e-mail is self-explanatory, a great new way of looking at Jack Kerouac. Many of you know of Kerouac's influence on me from my San Francisco story below. Be sure to click it and read the story.)

Hello. I enjoyed reading your account of San Francisco and your encounter(s) with Kerouac on your blog pages. I thought you would be
interested in the project described below, which began as a poem on Jack
Kerouac's name, using "On the Road" as a source text. If you record
audio (video) I would be delighted to include soundfiles from your
travels, or from your home location.

I'm a composer teaching at City University of NY. I am directing a
project described at my site,
I am currently collecting recordings of sounds at locations mentioned
in Kerouac's "On the Road". Visitors can upload and listen to soundfiles
from across the country, read a description of the project, and my bio. The
title of his website is On the Road: A Kerouac Circus.

Sounds from all locations will be mixed and played as part of a
performance that will include live jazz and folk musicians, a DJ
chopping bop classics and vintage movie clips, swing dancers, and
others. We want a wide range of people from across the country to have
the opportunity to contribute local sounds.

This project is based on a set of musical instructions formulated by
the late composer John Cage.



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