Thursday, September 15, 2005

RE: Sunday Morning Thoughts in North Carolina

Dan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Much to contemplate and according to
Ignatius, you are asking very good questions and struggling with answers. I
tend to believe the more mature we are in our faith, the less certain we are
of the answers. Dr. Hinson reminds our class that sometimes the best prayer
we can pray is to go into our closet and cuss! I appreciated your
observation about the movie theme song. I am taking a class on Music in the
church and it is incredible all I am learning. Most importantly, it is an
affirmation that "singing is twice praying!"
Hang in there. I think you are in a good hands always. Laura

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I brought one book to read while on vacation, The Return of the Prodigal Son
by Henri Nouwen.

It is a quite Sunday morning. Ronald and Jimmi went to church. Janet and I
slept in. After coffee, cereal, and cantelope, I am reading Nouwen and
listening to Diane Krall. What a "spiritual combination."

How I have struggle with the Prodigal Son in recent days and particularly
the surrender to God in one's entirety.

Today is 9/11. I try not to think about it. Five years ago yesterday we
celebrated our anniversary in New York City. It was a year before the event.
We went to Broadway plays, saw the Mets play, rode the subway, ate some
tremendous meals, rode around Manhattan on a boat, and walked ourselves to
death. Time goes fast.

Surrender is the "place where I have to let go of all I most want to hold on
to," says Nouwen.
The place of surrender and complete trust.

I have reached an odd point. I have found it difficult reading the Bible
lately. Reading Job might have caused that, plus the many losses of late.

I am listening to the theme from the movie "the Bad and the Beautiful."
I have never seen the movie, but Mike Rapchak use to play it on WGN in
Chicago on Sunday Mornings. I love the music. Maybe someday I will see the

"The way to God reaches far beyond the boundary of death. While it is a long
and very demanding journey, it is also one full of wondeeful surprises,
often offering us a taste of the ultimate goal." (Nouwen)


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