Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Christ Church Oxford

The highlight of our visitations today was Christ Church in Oxford, part
of Oxford University and its 39 colleges. The church goes back to the
14th century and is lovely. The picture enclosed is the dining room
where Harry Potter was made. One of the stained glass windows is
dedicated to Alice in Wonderland which was written here. How is it
possible that Alice, the Lord of the Rings, and the Lion and the
Wardrobe all come from the same city. Maybe there is something magical
about Oxford. On the return trip through London we passed James Barrie's
House, the author of Peter Pan.

So it has been a magical day. Good eating, castles, knights, bowler
hats, and the majic of Mr. Harry Potter. What delightful visions. Maybe
tonight I will dream of sugarplumbs or santa claus or elfs. After a good
heated bath then snoozes. I bid thee goodnight.


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