Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mood and Feel of London

Some have asked about the spirit of London. Each morning as I buy coffee
I face Westminster Chapel. It was founded in 1840 in what was then the
poorest section of London. As I face it, realizing how difficult it is
to sustain it today, I realize the hardiness of London's people. A
desire to help, like yesterday when I fell someone was immediately there
asking "are you ok." The prayers of the chapel people still go forward
even today.

London is a speedy city. The majority of people use the tube, the
subway. At work hours people hang on for dear life to push themselves
on. Mostly white, dress clothers, and a back pack. A surprising number
have white IPODS. Radio stations are virtually useless. I have yet to
hear a weather report. Everyday is the same, wet and windy, 55 degrees,
and the sun will peak out at least twice a day. Hale spirits are needed
to buffet the daily weather.

Like our interstates, a rail impropriety stops the tube and all are late
to work. They handle such disasters with a hearty spirit. I believe they
have much more patience than Americans.

Lots of people smoke, especially the younger ladies, and when eating in
pubs lots of laughter and noise accompany the smoke and ale.

They are a reverend people, especially related to their heritage. They
appreciate the history and understand the past much better than us.

Today we are off to Warwick Castle, Stratford Upon Avon, The Cotswolds,
and Oxford. Weather is chilly and cloudy.


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