Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Britist Library

Finished Britist Museum and saw the grandeau of Ur, Rome, Geece, etc.
Fell down 3 stairs and scratched knees. Thankful it was not worse. It
was interesting that more of the Parthenon was here than in Athens. Why
does one get the feeling that the British have stolen much of this
stuff. Or maybe it would have been lost if it was not for their
protection. What do you think?

Also I saw a portion of the Temple of Aretimis which I hunted
unsuccessfully at Ephesus. It supposedly burned the night Alexander the
Great was born.

Walked over a mile to the British Library to see the Sacred exhibit. My
favorite was the Codex Sinaiticus, the Great Bible, and the Lindsfarne

About 5 hours a day is what I can walk without exhaustion. Maybe we will
make Harrods. Guess who owns Harrods?


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