Monday, May 14, 2007

Fw: London Journal

NOTE--gee isn't it awesome reading notes from friends while in LONDON !

Hi Dan & Janet,

It is so awesome to read of your blog and see the pictures.  It's almost
as if we were on this trip with you.:)  I pray that as you go, God will
open all the doors and provide extra unknown provision and delights for
you.  It is so awesome to see God's hand on you as you go about your
days.  We are so thankful for your friendship and your prayers.  

We've purchased a house here in the Dallas area on April 29; so, we are
in the process of moving things from Houston to here every other week. 
It is quite the chore!  We still have at least one more trip.  Our house
in Houston has not yet sold and that is still a prayer need.  We met a
wonderful couple two weeks ago who were VERY interested, but they had a
house to sell in Arkansas.  I'm praying they get a good contract on
their house and then, in turn, can put a contract on ours.  But, really,
I pray God's will.  I pray to see His hand as we Wait for answered

Dan, is your eyesight okay now?  What happened or do you know?  We pray
you are seeing better than ever. 

I must go now as I am at work.  It was such a joy to get your email and
your journal this morning.  Thank you. 



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