Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Morning

We overslept, from 9 pm last night until 9:30 am. After finding a small
restaurant and buying a subway pass it was to late to make Saint Paul's
Cathedral so we went next door to G. Morgan Campbell's Church,
Westminster Chapel. The church was built in the 1840s and we were
greeted by 2 tiered balcony, a fairly full first floor and praise music.
As an evangelical church it was the same as our own Clearview Baptist.

They had a visiting evangelist from Oklahoma who was pretty good but
after listening to him preach for an hour and 20 minutes we left. (Even
the regular pastor had to leave early to catch a plane.)

I was most intrigued that the 400 year anniversary of the settling of
Jamestown was prevelant on the British mindset. It seems the British are
extremely proud of starting the colonies. It was the pride of our Mother
country. And just think even Queen Elizabeth came to our country to

It is pouring down rain. Our umbrellas have come in handy. Maybe there
is a time for a short nap before Evensong at Westminister Abbey.


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