Saturday, May 19, 2007

Nashville Flighti Final Hour

The final 57 minutes. When I get home, I am going to buy milk, orange juice, and donuts. To bed about 8 with hopes of making Sunday School in the morning.

About the spiritual condition of London again. In last nights paper an evangelical church is building a $140 million (US Money) building that will seat 8,000 people. Presently, St. Pauls with 2500 seats is tops. So, I guess, evangelical Christianity is moving forward.

Re-adjusting to time warp will take some time. At least my watch is set right now.

I plan on reading Alice and Wonderland again. Mostly I remember a musical or two I have seen of it. Somewhere I read she went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. I will check that out.

One of the big questions in my mind is, "why is there no ice in London." So many places acted a little warped when I ask for ice unsuccessfully.

Why did Christopher Wren build so many churches? Was Christopher Robin kin to Christopher Wren?

Besides taxis, buses, and trains, there are few real cars in London.


My back hurts on this final leg. I probably need to buy new shoes. Will the newspaper be there today? The mail?

How about readjustment to the weather. I am sure it is much hotter in the US. Also days were longer in London. It was daylight from 5 am until 9:15 at

How have the Braves done? The things I missed most was M and M, Cuddles, Aiden, my bed, and my inno.


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