Monday, July 23, 2007


Maybe a blog is not forever, is just a period when a chain of events
must be considered and dealth with. Sorta life a novelist resting after
finishing a book.

I have noticed my own disinterest in myself. Maybe it is a tiredness, or
a lapse of memory, or the muse has left. So one's blog becomes stale, a
life slows, we are powered down, and feel lost.

Richard Nixon said, "there are to many reruns on tv." It sounds like
many of us. Reruns in our lives. Nothing left to peculiarize about.
Dreams drift by. Friends leave. The summer doldrums. Here a drought,
other places a flood.

After our London trip life has been procesing. Since then I have read
several books on England. How alive history seems when one goes
somewhere. So here I am re-living the 16th century, or am I just
reliving my own history? Something to think about.


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Brother Tadhg said...

Hi Dan

Let me know when you get to the English Civil War and The Glorious Revolution - my two favourite historical events. Ciao

Brother Tadhg


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