Friday, June 27, 2008

"Christian Voices"

Dear Friends who read my blog, I want to share with you an email I
received tonight from my friend Bob Karger. Bob is the editor of
Christian Voices, an inspirational email piece he sends out a couple of
times a week. This magazine is free via email and includes humour and
inspirational messages. Bob wants more readers and below is his email
address to subscribe. Be sure you tell him you read about it in Dan
Phillips blog.

Really, I owe more to Bob than I can ever repay. For the past 7 years as
a chaplain at a hospital I often send inspirational stories and humour.
To be truthful most of the humour I have sent out came from Bob. The
humour has been a tremendous inspiration to over 1000 hospital workers
who get my notes. I can't tell you how many times Bob's humour has
helped our hospital workers who have had a really tough job. So thanks
Bob I can never repay for you have done. Keep up the good work and
friends write to
for a free subscription.
--------------------READ BELOW
On Fri, 27 Jun 2008 9:10 pm, wrote:
> Good evening,
> I hope that you enjoy receiving and reading "Christian Voices"- and
> hopefully sharing each one with others.
> We constantly strive to reach out to everyone that we can to bring them
> "Christian Voices". It isn't easy.
> We have sent out tens of thousands of "Invitations" to subscribe to
> "Christian Voices". It's like having a small retail store. The store
> may have hundreds of people browsing through the shelves, but there are
> usually relatively "customers". The return for sending out invitations
> for "Christian Voices" in terms of number of new subscribers is only 1
> - 2%. Sending out 10,000 invitations may, on a good day, bring only 100
> - 200 new subscriptions. Frankly, that's a poor return considering the
> tremendous amount of time and effort it takes to send out those
> invitations. But, still, we do it because it still means bringing His
> "SONshine" to at least some new subscribers.
> The best advertising for anything is "word-of'-mouth". If you enjoy
> "Christian Voices", perhaps the members of your church will also enjoy
> receiving and reading "Christian Voices".
> We would like to send you a supply of color flyers that invite people
> to try "Christian Voices". Thousands of the flyers have already been
> sent to many locatons throughout the world to be placed in church
> bulletins and newsletters and church vestibles. The flyers are the
> perfect size for that - only 5 1/2 x 8. Would you help distribute the
> flyers by placing them in your church bulletins, church and/or
> association newsletters, and/or in your church vestible? If you like,
> we would be glad to also send you a small clear plastic stand that can
> be placed on a desk, table, or counter to display the flyers, for
> example in the foyer or vestible of your church. Or, we would be glad
> to send you a sufficient number of copies of the flyer for
> distributiion to all your church members as well as an additional
> number of copies and a plastic stand to be placed in the front
> entranceway of your church. We can send you hundreds, thousands - or as
> many copies of the flyer that you could distribute to all your church
> members. There is no cost to you - we pay for the paper and printing,
> the plastic stands, and the shipping to anywhere in the world!
> If you would help by distributing the flyers in some fashion, please
> let us know how many copies of the flyers to send to you and the postal
> address where to send them. (Also let me know if you need a
> holder/stand for the flyers.)
> Thanks very much!
> Blessings!
> Bob


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