Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sign of the Times

I am going to bed early. A difficult day. A close friend's wife died, a
former neighbor and co-worker. But also very disturbing to me are things
I see happening because of economic problems. I find myself dealing
with more homeless people or people with loved ones in the hospital with
no food to eat. Plus patients are much sicker ! Speculation is that the
reason is people can't afford to go to doctor so they are really sick
when they show up at the ER and need admitted. Our facility is full.
People just plain tired from working hard in an emotionally charged

Nationwide more and more people are finding self in such a state. maybe
God is trying to say something. "If my people.................."

It is late. I am tired. Just got a call someone is dying. My prayer is
he will last long enough for me to get some sleep before I go.


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