Monday, June 02, 2008


Keeping Baby Jack this evening. He is growing fast, now 9 months old. He is a good boy, trying to find his way around crawling. Blogging has slowed down. I am doing research on the Santiago de Compostelo, the pilgrimage road in Spain where the Apostle James is buried. Wondering what spiritual lessons I can learn.

I get little done these days. Besides work the yard keeps us buzzing. 4-5 hours on Saturday included Hedge cutting etc. Saw Indiana Jones on Saturday. Nice to go to a movie for a while.

Looking forward to a new round of computers. My T-Mobile account runs out in July so I can buy another PDA. The sidekick has about completed its usefulness. Looking at Xperia X1 or HTC Touch Diamond. Who knows. I hope to get live streaming and the possibility of mobile to You Tube for video work, maybe even interviews of interesting people. Keep in touch.



At 8:09 PM, Anonymous don brennan said...

LAMB'S in the yard. First, feed the birds and add to the water at the's their bath place. No 'dirty birds' in our neighborhood! Lambs Ear is a gray fuzzy plant that starts very easily. I gave a start to a lady...she told me that she has a scriptural garden and the lamb's ear will play a special role. Nice lady...nice thought...very NICE LAMB!

At 8:13 PM, Anonymous don brennan said...

MRS MAHONEY.......We have a plant called 'Mrs Mahoney'...she was a neighbor in Detroit for many years...always the super giver. She gave us this over 30 years back. When we moved, we took the plant with us and fond memories of a very devout Christian lady. Daily Mass was the start of her every day!


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