Friday, July 18, 2008

Politicians in Williamson County, TN

Dear Politicians:

I went to the 34th annual Bethlehem Fish Fry today, an event that helps the ministry of the church. One of the members had shared how good the food was, the fellowship, the events for the kids. I was going because of her personal invitation.

Imagine my surprise when I got there to see dozens and dozens of political signs. Politicians were everywhere! Smiling. Passing out tracts. Going out of the way to greet the fish fry visitors. Supposedly the politicians were to be on the far side of the road. Most were, except for the sheriff's car parked halfway in the road on the church property.

Sheriff Derrell Cagle said its the best way to meet the voters. Incumbent County Trustee Joey Davis said, "if you are running for a county office, there's not just one community event. You have to go to all of them.

Frankly, it made me sick. One cannot even go eat at a church fish fry without having to put up with these back slappin, smiling, jackasses! I admit I remember the names of all the signs and the participants. I promise not to vote for any of these vultures!It is a sad state of affairs when one can't tell the difference between a circus and a religous group. One thing is for sure, I could tell who the clowns were.

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At 8:27 AM, Blogger Ron Phillips said...

I find it disturbing that the church let them do it.

At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate your being disturbed if the church had let them do it. The church did not let them however. We had made it clear through our communication and the article printed in the paper that our Board of Trustees had made it a policy that politicians could not distribute buttons, flyers, etc anywhere on church property. In the past a small area was reserved for them but it had apparently became more of a gauntlet to get through than we liked. I walked the church grounds along with the chairs of the fish fry and did notice of course that the politicians were gathered in mass on the other side of the street. But we don't own that property and have no control of it. The sheriff's cars are hired by us to provide traffic control and the safeguard our deposits that night. We of course allow everyone to be on our campus and we had no problems with them wear their shirts, etc like anyone else does. They appeared to heed our requests. We want to welcoming to all but yet keep out of partisan politics. Dan, we were glad to have you and hope you will come again sans politicians.

Rev. Jeremy Squires
Bethlehem United Methodist


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