Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hearing the Monkeys !

It is raining and a full moon. When there is a full moon work increases.
Go figure! Well the letter B is working today on my sidekick so I can
blog. Some days it does not work so I can not send an email message.

I am awaiting for my new pocket computer, the htc touch pro, or fuze, or
raphael. Hoping it comes out soon. Have been waiting almost a year to
replace my sidekick PDA.

I have really enjoyed the CC Wifi radio my brother bought me for my
birthday. Tonight I will be able to listen to stations on St. Thomas and
St. Croix to see how Omar the hurricane effected their islands. It picks
up 15,000 stations. Not bad. I enjoy listening to 2GB in Sydney,
Australia, and the BBC world service.

So glad the debates are over. 20 months of political jargon is too much
for all of us.

I am at Janet's work and a train passes. I love hearing a train go
woowoo. Janet tells me, "sometimes you can hear the monkeys." That would
be fun. I forgot that her office backs up to the zoo. It has been a long
time since I went to the zoo. I miss it. I use to throw marshmellows to
the polar bears at the Birmingham zoo. I look forward to taking Jack to
the zoo for the first time.

So WooWoo for now. Have a good night.


At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

IN THE NIGHT a far off train is heard...Where to? What and who is aboard? Like 'people watching' without the actual sight. Sort of lonely sounding.


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