Tuesday, September 23, 2008

G1 Android

I have been a long time from the pages. My sidekick 3 has been torn up,
leaving me without an opportunity to blog. Am about to celebrate 65th
birthday in 2 weeks. Not sure how I feel about that. Baby Jack is 13
months old. Don't have any new pictures because camera phone has been
torn up. In last month have been to Perdido Kay for vacation and a trip
to Gethsemani.

Was thinking about buying new T mobile android which had its coming out
party today but was not impressed, mainly because no video camera. Not
sure what I will do. Still waiting for HTC Touch Pro or X1.

I have been reading Seven Sacred Pauses by macrina wiederkehr. Really
great book. Heard her speak 2 weeks ago at church in Nashville.

Anyone alive out there?


At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bro. Dan. I am still out here.
Your comment are similar to Mertons on growing old..the unknowing. I will be turing double nickels in a few months and a few issues of health have arose. But I believe in his words " This day will never be again"
I hope to come down next year to see the monastary and the Merton collection.
Nice looking child.
Peace in Christ


At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone Alive?.........I know the feeling. It is like shouting in a cave: 'Is there anyone also in here?' Lack of response is a neglect and a discourtesy. Peace, Brother Dan. Found this Merton quote today: "In seeking solitude he does not seek some exalted spirituality; He seeks solitude as a total gift of himself to God."


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