Saturday, July 25, 2009

Suffering and Dying

It is strange how one note can change the symphony of one's life. This morning a tweet said a place in New Mexico that specializes in death and dying was following my tweets.

Then it hit me. I do retreats on Merron, meditation, spiritual directions, but never on dying.

Whether or not i acknowledge it, the last decade of my life has dealth with the dying. Rarely a week goes by that I am with someone who dies. I guess i have overlooked that fact that I could contribute by developing a retreat for those persons or caretakers who are facing death.

So, what would a retreat consist of:
Stages of dying one is going through.
Meditation as part of spirituality that relates peace in the process of dying.
Preparing to die with personal examples of persons who left us a gift while they were dying.
Saying goodbye.

Well, it is something to think about. What do you think?


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Blue-eyed Blonde said...

It's a great idea. Maybe you could mass market it to churches. Avoidance of death and dying is part of the American way, sadly.


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