Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reflections After Supper

Supper Tiberius

It is tiring with much travel. We have just got back to the room after a big buffet supper. Am refreshed somewhat.

As a reflection on the day most of new understanding related to the Sea of Galilee. The boat trip across it was inspirational. Everyone was in a festive mood. The sea is tranquil and beautiful, adding to the religious flavor. The reading of the scripture psssage is always the highlight. A sense of God's presence always seems to be there.

The trip to Caesara Phillipi was confusing, mainly because of motion sickness through the curvy mountains. I can see how Jesus could have been there when he talked about Peter being a rock and also how the transfiguration could have happened there.

Capernaum was neat, and I was surprised how much of Jesus ministry was within 2 miles of that one place; the feeding of 5000, numerous healings, and the beautitudes.

In twilight we returned. It will take precious time to really reflect.

We had one bad moment, an arab teenager sat in the priest chair in a holy place and made fun of the scene. "A real jackass," said someone. It was disturbing.


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