Sunday, October 18, 2009

TelAviv Mutterings

Arrived 3:37pm. Ben Gurion airport. I never sleep much on planes. To cramped. Legs ache. Lavatory waits lengthy.

On escalator one of our fellow travelers fell backwards diwn escalator. They started carrying him off and someone yelled, "could you do it again I missed most of that."

On bus to hotel a man and his wife got in an argument. He said to a man beside him,"she thinks I am crazy."

TelAviv reminds one of Phoenix. Heavy traffic. Lots of palm trees.

Familiar names in Engkish surrounded us: kawasakil coca cokal budget, yamaha, boscg, dvd, alfa, sushi, mont blanc, and Miss Sixty, whoever that is.

Saw 2 digs walk into a sidewalk grocery, sniffed, and keft.

Nice buffet at the hotel. Waiting for our group to meet at 8 pmthen to bed. Really tired.


At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Dan, 4,000 years of history are about to unfold before your eyes! Rich


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