Thursday, September 24, 2009


For several years a black cat with no tail has passed my office early in the morning without any determined schedule. A friend of mine recently noted that we had not seen the cat in several months, then surprisingly a week later the black cat with no tail showed up again. It was a time of strange excitement as we peeked out the window at the cat. Of course, we have tried approaching the cat for years with no success. He/she always runs off.

This morning, the black cat was back after a short absence, BUT THIS TIME, the black cat had a long black tail. He sat at the same place, he walked the same path, he observed the morning awakening but he had a tail. This raises all sorts of questions. Is it the same cat, a baby of the no-tailed cat, or a brand new black cat in the neighborhood?

Interestingly enough it reminded me of life. Sometimes people we thought we knew show up differently. The joy and smile have been replaced by an anxious spirit, impatience when we pass them, and always in a hurry! A thankful spirit has been replaced by an annoyance at life in general. There is no time for sharing our lives, for rejoicing together, for enjoying the moment. Hurry, hurry, hurry, is the disease.

Each day I wander this campus and people come up to me and ask for prayers, or share a common friend who is going through a difficult time, or share a disappointment in their lives. These are serious moments for me. Sacred moments I call them! Or, times when we are a part of humanity and existence. These are moments when the apostle Paul says, �Pray for me!�

Yes, there are times we could all use prayers. During the years I have noted that frustration without some form of recreation or sharing often leads to a path of destruction. When I visit patients with mental problems I often note that they have no close friends, no one to talk to. �I once had a friend, but they deserted me,� is often said.

So what has this to do with a black cat with a tail? For me it means be in touch with what is going on around you. Maybe someone is hurting and just needs us to pray for them during the night, without telling them we are doing it.

Or, it could be a sign of something really significant happening. A new day coming where a cut off tail has been replaced with a big bushy long beautiful tail and new hope is on the horizon.

So, I challenge you, if you see a black cat with a long tail, think of the possibilities of life and new hope.

Bro. Dan


At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Carl Fritts said...

Good thoughts Dan.

At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a cat with one, no more that 2 colors is generally a he. A multi colored cat is generally a she


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