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Monks hidden in the world can bring a contemplative lifestyle that surrounds others with a mystical sense of God’s presence. Like Jesus’ they bring healing, hope, light for the blind, a steadiness in a fragile world. Their silent prayers are uplifted into his Holy Presence.


I have been struggling with a question recently. How can one live a spiritual life daily amongst so much tragedy, so many political diatribes, the fear that surrounds us on every side, and the constant cry of struggling persons?We have lost God’s presence and it has been replaced by News Exclusives and pandering talking heads without thought of repercusions. Yes, it has always been that way, but it seems to be more derisive in our day.

How can we seek God and find him in a world like this?


I have written some notes to myself about dreams and foundation stones of spiritual living in a broken world with hopes of reminding myself that, "God really is in control."

Here are some beginning notes and statements that have surfaced:Each step of each day is sacred.

Each person you meet has been sent by God.

Each word you share can be an inspiration.

What tokens of gratitude can you bring to God today for safe passage?

Pray. Pray. Pray!

Each day there is a picture of the presence of God.

The wind that passes has its journey to.

Listen for voices, a crow in the distance, a voice in the silence.

God’s Greatest Grace – a stranger you meet.


I have just returned from a visit to the Abbey of Gethsemane. It was only for 19 hours but the weather was perfect, the temperature in the 70s with a soft breeze, the moon was full, lighting the graveyard with a heavenly glow, and the four worship services I attended breathed the presence of God in the music and the Psalms, and there were special people who surrounded me during these hours. I felt awe and appreciation for the bells that signify God’s presence even if it is at 3:00 a.m.

I left the Abbey after breakfast to preach a funeral service for a friend of over four decades. The fog was slowly appearing in the distance over the Kentucky hills. Light was revealing a new days beginnings and I remembered how much I appreciate Kentucky’s beauty. With each new minute preceeding the sunrise were startling new revelations of God’s presence. It was a time of Lauds, of new beauty in a new day.

It was not an easy day, but a day of rememberance and thanksgiving for a good friend who had touched my life.


On the return journey I continued with the questions. If each day is a search for God, where do we find him? What does doing God’s Will mean? What is he doing in my life that is worthwhile?


Often there are hints in the darkest hour of our existence. We sometimes miss the hints because of our own darkness within. The hint I had on the return journey was a reminder that a book in my library was titled, "A Monk in the World," by Wayne Teasdale. Bro. Wayne died to young, but his book becomes a example of the possibility of living a monk’s life in a world saturated with despairing cries and temptations of power and fame. To say, "Get thee behind me Satan" is not the easy prayer of the morning. It is a cry of hope, a cry of sacrifice, and a cry of wisdom.

The headline of A Monk in the World says, "This wonderful book helps us learn how to integrate the fundamental principles of contemplative spirituality into our modern lives," says Lama Surya Das.

So, that’s where I am today. A Beginning. A Hope. But realizing the impossibility of the task and the dangerous pride that confronts each of us on a spiritual journey.

The liturgical prayer for the morning comes from Psalm 63. "O God, earnestly I seek you, my soul thirsts for you." (Psalm 63:1)

The journey begins. Stay tuned and in touch, Lets begin the journey together. AMEN.


At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

very good---wayne

At 9:24 AM, Blogger ElderChild said...

Why fight against The Truth?

And Truth is "the WHOLE(not just a portion) world is under the control of the evil one".......period.......

Sadly, those who begin The Spiritual Journey yet retain the braindirtying they received from the secular and religious educational processes that are of this world and soon return "to their own vomit" ;-(

The Messiah did not come to make this world a better place, in Truth He testified of a wicked world and that His Brethren would be "in, yet not of the world".......

And a monastery is but an escape, a place to escape the pain and sorrow that The Messiah experienced when the multitudes rejected both Him and Our Father ;-(

And it was promised that His Brethren would suffer as He suffered.......

"in, not of the world".......

Father Help! and HE does.......

"Pure And Undefiled Religion"

"Pure religion and undefiled before G-D The Father is this, to visit the fatherless (those children who know not their Father, HE WHO is The Only True G-D, Father{Creator} of ALL) and widows(those who have not "experienced The Messiah and The Power{Our Father} that raised Him from among the dead") in their affliction and to keep oneself uncontaminated by the world......." (James 1:27)

Simply, all other religion is impure and defiled.......

And notice that "pure and undefiled" religion is "oneself(individual)", a Brother or Sister doing The Will of Our Father, led of The Holy, Set Apart, Spirit.......

Simply, corporate "religion" is pagan and of this wicked world.......

And "Brothers and Sisters" is not "religion", for what are Brothers and Sisters if not Family? Would not The Family of The Only True G-D, Father(Creator) of ALL, "The Body of The Messiah", be much closer than a natural, fleshly family?

What is declared to be "religion" today is truly the devil's playground.......

Simply, Faith will not create a system of religion.......

Hope is there would be those who take heed unto The Call of The Only True G-D to "Come Out of her, MY people"!

For they will "Come Out" of this wicked world(babylon) and it's systems of religion, and enter into "the Liberty that is glorious for The Children of The Only True G-D".

And so it is that they will no longer be of those who are destroying the earth(land, air, water, vegetation, creatures)" and perverting that which is Spirit(Light, Truth, Life, Love, Peace, Hope, Faith, Mercy, Grace, Miracles, etc.).......

Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that is of this world and it's systems of religion, for "the WHOLE(not just a portion) world is under the control of the evil one" (1John5:19) indeed and Truth.......

Truth is never ending.......


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