Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Night Packing

October 16-Friday Night


"One must sit in silence and wait if one is to be a writer."

Preparing for a great journey requires a thoughtful process, more often than not supposedly celebrated in silence, but the bags must be packed and "the list" checked off.

Which bag should I take as the carry on? What are the ingredients of this strange brew carried across the Atlantic Ocean to a hotel on the Mediteranian Sea?

The List

Omnia i910 and power supply.

Tiny am-fm-sw radio with proper earpiece.

Camera and charged batteries.

One small Bible without a concordance. This may be a mistake.

Journal to write in.

Airline schedules.

Jerusalem map and Fodor's Guidebook.

Small windup flashlight.

Comb, toothpaste, electric razor.


Passport and copies of important things



Bathing suit



A note from a previous journey to Greece in 2002 says, "no time for reflection." And " life is a journey. We stumble, fall, rewind, and return to our beginning."

I wind down watching the Yankees and Angels in the playoff. It is 43 degrees or colder. It is wsy to cold for baseball! I have been to one World Series gamel the Yankees and Braves in 1999. It was 43 degrees but surely colder in the top of the standsm We like to have froze to death. All the hot drinks were gone by the fourth inning.

The temperature in Jerusalem is questionable. Weather bug says it will be 97 and hot. Weather watcheer says mid 80s.

Its still to cold to play baseball.


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