Friday, May 28, 2010

Fwd: AM with Merton (To Be Yourself)

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"It is not humility to insist on being someone that you are not.  It is
as much as saying that you know better than God who you are and who you
ought to be.  How do you expect to arrive at the end of your own journey
if you take the road to another man's city?  How do you expect to reach
your own perfection by leading somebody else's life?  His sanctity will
never be yours;  you must have the humility to work out your own
salvation in a darkness where you are absolutely alone....

And it it takes heroic humility to be yourself and to be nobody but the
man, or the artist, that God intended you to be."


Who am I?


"Gracious Lord Jesus Christ, I am thanking you in my lying down and in
my rising up, in my waking and in my sleeping, in my speaking and in my
working.  May my life and the lives of all I meet be filled with your
radiant presence. "  Amen!


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