Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 2010

July can be a tough month. The heatwave continues and I only seem to muddle through the days. Polictical advertisements  make things worst. Not being able to get outside does not help. The sick people I deal with seem to get sicker. Healing seems slower. Baseball grows boring. Spirituality suffers..i don't feel like reading or getting involved on the latest heresy. It becomes more difficult to get with old friends. There is more difficult sickness in our family.

My attention span lessens. Our animals suffer. A deer grazes in out backyard..15 years ago I spent summers at ridgecrest nc or glorieta, nm.

Ours was tough work but peoples lives were changed. Each week  was different and for our free day.we.drive to taos or santa fe, maybe to tucumcari or Los Vegas.N.M to the rough riders museum, our night Georgia okeefe paintings at the ghost ranch..some days we ate at bobcat bits for delicious hamburgers..

We read Death of an Archbishop and marveled at a french designed cathedral in Sante Fe. In june there were  lots of weddings at the cathedral on Saturdays. Traffic was devastating and music deafening.

The food was always good, new art ever week  and used books on every street..and it was hot in sante fe in July.


At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are longing for the days of old! You should have been here for my Friday rehersal and Sat. wedding ---that include a meal at a museum in Auburn, Al...and that day I had lunch in Butler, Ga. at Justin's Place...makes you forget all that hot weather and days of old....(Kay and I had a good mexican dinner on way back from Ca. in El Paso...we hope to stop in Santa Fe..when we pass that way again..and maybe see Glorita...)well good buddy have a good one...nice to remember wehen..wayne


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