Friday, April 01, 2011

A Sickness, two funerals, a farewell, and a birthday party

The title explains it pretty well. Best friends died, a friend retired, my daughter had a birthday, and I was totally wiped out. When I am sick I am figurately dead. I lay mercilessly under a quilt. My head aches. Every cough a death rattle. But, I am beginning to improve a little. How can I tell? An email to a sick friend, a phone call, and a willingness to accept the moment as a gift.

In that moment I read about the miracles of St. Francis, say prayers for friends who are hurting, read Jim Forest stories of Robert Lax, listen to Roshi Joan's Merton quotes, and read Sheila Mullican's blog of a recent retreat:

Illness often is a place to regain strength. There is always so much excitement. It is difficult to turn the noise off to hear Our Lord, but illness flattens us and we have moments to listen.

As I prepare for my first book to be published, I have thought that maybe a book signing is inappropriate. Maybe invite friends over and have a time to dedicate it to the Lord. We could read some from it, drink tea and coffee, eat grapes, and be thankful. Might be interesting. I have led many prayers of dedication on people's homes, but never a book.

May thy hand be upon us dear Father. Amen.


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