Thursday, October 14, 2004

Father of the Bride--Two days left


Q- You seem a little disoriented recently. Is something going on?

A- Well, yeah. Some changes coming!

Q- I mean, what do you mean?

A- Have you ever seen the movie, the Father of the Bride with Steve Martin?

Q—Yeah, I think we rented it from Blockbuster once. Sorta corney if you ask me.

A—Maybe so. But you remember how Steve Martin screamed a lot, and ran up and down the stairs at breakneck speed, and kept looking at his wallet to see if any money was left?

Q- Not exactly. He just seemed crazy to me.

A—Yeah and everybody involved seemed crazy. Photographers with broken lens, caterers running out of food, new dresses and new dresses and new suits and new suits.

Q—You are wacky. You been dreamin about this movie?

A—Well to be truthful YES !!! I think I am Steve Martin re-incarnated.

Q—You know there are some good people at Parthenon Pavillion that can help. Have you been over there?

A—Guess I should go. But anyway, YOU SEE, my ONE AND ONLY DAUGHTER, MELINDA, is getting married in two days.

Q—So you have “The Father of the Bride” syndrome, right?

A—Yes, I’m sure.

Q—Now you know you GIVE HER AWAY, but you get something in return, right!!

A- Yes, Mike!!! And I really like Mike. Man, he even came and got my home computer fixed so I could listen to audio. What more could one ask of a son-in-law to be. He will be a great addition to our family.

Q—Will people be coming from out of town to attend?

A—Yes, my brother-in-law from Michigan, my brother from Mississippi, maybe even Cousin Jeff from Georgia, and on the other side, several people from Ohio. Many people I have never met.

Q—Sounds like a fun time to me. Just relax. Enjoy it!!!

A—I will. Just 2 days left. Maybe you could put us all on your prayer list, that it might be not only a fun time, but that God might be glorified in all that is done. That is important.

Q—Well we will certainly do that. By the way, did it cost more than $500?


For a picture of the lucky couple go to this site.


At 8:48 AM, Blogger jen lemen said...

congratulations, dan! i have no advice for your precious two other than to remember that there are many phases of marriage and that many of the more disheartening ones are normal and not the end of the world! here's a prayer that they learn to love each other well!


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