Monday, October 25, 2004

Jenell Paris- On Writing

Jenell – Yes, this writing business is stupid. Some days the words STICK ! Other days they don’t. But seriously, in answer to a question of who you are writing to. You are writing to me and for yourself and for strangers dumped into cyberspace. Wow, how is that for an audience?

Like I read your blog and strange people show up, like Rick talking about patience. Where else can I find something like that?

And I admit, you are innovative. When you came back from your last blogging vacation you interviewed yourself, so what did I do? I interviewed myself related to my daughter’s wedding (I copied that from you—FORGIVE ME !)

Another reason I like your writing is that you have a link to my site. Now, that sounds stupid, but not many other people have done that. Only Christy, Nile, Jonathan, Chris, and yourself that I know of. I really appreciate that more than you will ever know!

Isn’t it interesting how Anne Lamont and Kathleen Norris always show up in these scenes. Several months ago an editor wrote me and said she had found my writing on the web and wondered if I had ever written a book.

When I said no, she said she was looking for a writer like Anne Lamont and Kathleen Norris. She wondered if I might send a book proposal that might have hints of “Kathleen.”

Well, I worked on it for weeks, sent it in and she was pleased. It seemed like a book contract was on the way. Then, the editors met, decided I didn’t have a big enough following, and told me, “If you will write the whole book then send it in we might publish it.” Talk about a downer. After working on it for weeks. Did they think I was a fool? Spend months writing the whole book then letting them turn me down again. If you don’t dance with me the first time, why would I ask you again?

Oh well. Writing is for fools I guess. Like I say, some days it sticks, some days it doesn’t.

Keep on pluggin---lots of us like what you say !!


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Jenell said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's important to keep encouraging people to write and blog. I've found it hard to stick to once a week, now its twice a month if I can manage it but yet I still have an itch to write. Maybe there is a book in all of us, hankering to get out. Don't give up on the book format and good on you for encouraging others to keep writing. ( Gary Manders)


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