Wednesday, November 24, 2004



((Editorial Note: Furman Bisher’s column is something I have enjoyed for years on thanksgiving. This year, however, it will cost $29.95 to sign up to get it on the internet. If anyone is in Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day, I would appreciate it if you would cut out a copy of his column and bring it to me. That would be appreciated.))

For Furman Bisher, columist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who taught me to be thankful with his yearly Thanksgiving Column.

For Parents who, though both are deceased, loved me and believed in me.

For my relatives in Georgia.

For a brother, who is a constant reminder of the joyful times we had growing up.

For a family that loves to laugh, tell stories, and cares for each other.

For my Sunday School class, who in spite of a tough year for all of us, continues to be supportive in all of our trials and tribulations.

For the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series so that I don’t have to hear about the Babe Ruth Curse anymore.

For wolf wolf, beep beep, and ding-a-ling, each who each day smiles and speeds along lives trails with gusto and caring.

For the warm glow of a fireplace.

For chicken livers and oysters and tobasco sauce.

For a car that starts on cold mornings.

For the hospital employees who invite me for a free meal.

For the smiles that pass me every day.

For the many blessings that touch my life daily.

I am thankful for journeys that challenge me with new dawnings and awakenings.

I am thankful for a delicate bark that often awakens me each morning and a warm bed shared with another.

I am thankful for a place to work and share my faith with others.

I am thankful for the approval of the insurance company this week so my wife can go to a hospital in Michigan for the next 3 weeks, hopefully to get rid of the headaches that have made her life so difficult.

For skilled surgeons, nurses, and others who care for patients daily.

For PC (who can read my mind—scarey), for RC (who reminds me of the sunshine), for GM (who is always dancin !), for Deb (who could make a man on death row laugh), for JH (who reminds me of laughter and caring), for RD (a man who saved my life), for SD (who adds joy to my lunch each day), for LB (who is daring enough to eat with me in strange places), and for Dave, who makes great coffee and prays for me.

For Melinda, my lovely daughter, and her new husband, Mike, both of whom make us happy each day.

For monasteries, and monks, and statues, and rain, and snow, and warmth.

And for Prissy and Angel, who can hardly wait until we wake up.

And for Janet, who makes my life worth living.

And, I am thankful for you –my friends—that stand by me and give me joy each day.

And for God, who has given me purpose and joy.


Dan Phillips
Chaplain, Centennial Medical Center
Nashville, TN 37067


At 7:48 AM, Blogger Christy said...

We'll never know how rich we are until we count our blessings! Happy thanksgiving! :-)


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